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european vs. american car industry

I’ve been mentally ranting for years about the garbage that is the U.S. car market. we get the best prius toyota ever made, the most fuel efficient ford focus ever produced, we get one of the smallest displacement motors ever put in a car, (scion xa with a whopping 89hp or so), yay….not.

we get jipped so hard when it comes to performance vehicles compared to europe that i literally get sick every time i think about it.

some examples.

2012 audi a1 quattro

weighs just over a ton, has 252hp/258ftlbs and is fitted with one of the most advanced awd systems known to the industry

sub 6 second 0-60 times

but its not the European manufacturers that make me mad, its that ford and gm make faster, more aggressive vehicles for Europe and Australia.


2010 ford focus rs

305 hp(thats identical to our v6 mustang)

325ftlbs (50 ftlbs more than our v6 mustang)

also sub 6 second 0-60 passes

while in america we get this

2012 focus st

240 hp/260ftlbs( 65 less hp and creeping on 70 less ftlbs)

ps. it only comes in this color, and while it looks okay in the photo its actually a very unpleasant yellowy gold in un edited photos.

also it isnt a bad looking car, excpet we’ve had this car for 2 years already

( mazdaspeed3) and the 3 has twenty more hp and forty more ftlbs

ps. these wheels aren’t factory and there is no 3 door version.

another from ford is all the way from down under in the outback.

the ford fpv boss 335 falcon

powered by a supercharged(no car sold to the public in america by ford is supercharged) 5.0l prodrive coyote v-8

has 450hp/420ftlbs

damn near 5 second 0-60 passes

one more,

Holden( australian GM) hsv clubsport r8  is the top of the line holden.

has a  corvette 6.2 ls3 motor

puts out 425hp/406ftlbs

we got one of these in the pontiac g8 but with half the performance


so all in all Europe and Australia get better cars from our manufacturers than we do.

and dont get me started on why we didnt get a gt-r from japan till 2009 not to mention is 90k and out of any real persons reach, and we never got an actual skyline (for your information the r34 is the sexiest car ever made, just so you know)

outtie mayne



new obsession? at least its still german

so volkswagen golf/gti’s are on my 2012 want list. that and new ink.

let the pictures flow

mk2’s especially.

the most ill or the illest

so im getting this tattoo, next week., on my arm.


and some bmw love

i want an 80’s 5 series so bad. oh and bbs wheels are the “illest” wheels ever.

ight…..hella tight, im outtie.

Backpacking at Cumberland Gap National Park

this past weekend myself and a couple buddies went back-country camping in Cumberland Gap National Park(cgnp).  We hiked 4 miles to camp, straight up, it took us all of 3 hours to hike to camp(it was pretty strenuous), we then went to 2 local spots, (white rocks) and (sand cave) both exceptionally awesome. enjoy the pics. Please excuse my horrible cell phone quality pictures, the motorola droid is not a dedicated camera haha.

the view from the top of white rocks ridge, we had to basically climb a vertical rock creek to get to the very top of the ridge, but as you can tell the views were worth it.we could see for milesthe mountain in the distance is white rocks ridge. The three previous pictures were taken from the very top of the mountain seen in this pictureyou can see how much sand has eroded from the caves ceiling and walls

this was the sand cave, the entire cave is made from a really soft rock(sandstone maybe lol) and it has made the cave floor a few feet thick with sand. we were all pretty impressed.(jordan and troy, the two guys i went with are in the photo)


taken from all the way inside the cave

Overall this was a super fun trip, even if we did run out of water. We actually proved that boiling water before you drink works, it has been a week and we are all still in good health. I would recommend this trip to medium to skilled hikers, the trail took all three of us off guard and was extremely strenuous, with the 30+ pounds of gear we all had. We hiked the Ewing trail to the white rocks camp site. It was completely free, we just had to call and register ahead of time. The number for Cumberland gap National park is 606-248-2817 

Grab a few friend and go hiking and back-country camping to Cumberland Gap National Park. Its an experience for sure.

memories lol

old whip, i miss it

e28 enjoyment

e28 envy

Ive been a fan of BMW’s since i was little. First the z8 from a james bond movie was my favorite car. then as i got older, m3’s peaked and still hold my interest, but im on a kick right now, where i just think e28’s (BMW 5 series from 81, i think,to 88) are super clean, and just pure sex on wheels basically.