a place to express my love of all things me


Im 19. Im too poor to go to college(went for a year and a half)

I love cars, Japanese and European(German specifically) more than any others.

Dream rides are 1886 bmw 535i/ 1997 bmw m3(four door)/first gen acura nsx/ f series swapped 97 civic sedan/ porsche panamera, 944 turbo/ mk2 gti or golf/

bbs, ccw, and ssr wheels are sexy.

My girlfriend is my best friend. She makes me smile without trying and loves me for who I am. 5.2 (lol)  years and counting.

I will have granite counter tops and an island in my kitchen someday.

Im rediscovering writing as an outlet and a way to tell others about the things i love.


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