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1988-2012 BMW M5 um…yes

so my relationship with the bmw 5 series m versions have been mostly love, except for the e60 m.

that car, along with the 7 series of that generation are my least favorite bmw’s of all time.

we’ll start at the begining and work our way forward.

e28 m5……

started it all,

its 286 hp inline 6 M-1 engine made it the fastest production sedan at the time, and they were hand built in germany. its calm exterior added with its potent engine bay goodies made it a sleeping super car killer.

shawty got a donk lol


next in line, e34 m5

311hp, 266ftlbs the m5 was still beasting

this model was also hand built by an M technician. The hand-built m car testers were said to have been able to tell which of the technicians actually built the cars due to certain quirks in workmanship. The engines were also hand-built, and guaranteed to put out within 5% of the claimed hp/ftlbs.

the e34 saw the end of handbuilt m5’s

the first factory built m5 was the e39 version, these cars are hit or miss for me as far as style goes, but performance was still fairly monstrous.

the e39, while it was finally built with almost 400 horses(394 hp) had some trouble getting past designers, when it was first brought up bmw thought the original 5series of the e39 chassis code had enough hp as is, but with jaguar and Mercedes both unleashing high output competition, they went ahead and dumped the s62 v-8( a performance tuned version of the m62 engine.) in the bay and badged it as an m

now on to the part of this i hate, the e60/61 m5, the ugliest bmw ever made(a tie with this generations 7 series)

5 liter v-10’s graced the engine bay of the e60. belted out 500 horses and around 380ftlbs of torque.

on to the sad part….the pictures

one with something going for it

the last and newest m5, the f10 chassis code (even that sounds cool), f10 f10 ooh i like it.

loaded with a 4.4 liter twin turbocharged v-8, that packs a 560hp/502ftlbs punch.

while its not my favorite m5 ever made…cough e28 cough cough, it is definitely an upgrade from the e60 and it has a sexiness all its own.

enough photoshop for a whole issue of vogue magazine but its still fresh

im most impressed by this, a whole new rear end, that looks multitudes better

a little more agressive the silver is supah fine


im just glad to see the e60 platform abandoned and a step for bmw in the right direction

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