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promises swore long ago, yeah its about the Subaru BRZ

so, since i swore the only toyota’s i could ever own would be the supra, early gen celica, or the lexus branded altezza(is300) in america, this article is about the subaru BRZ and not the scion fr-s.

if you all haven’t been able to tell from my previous posts im a german car enthusiast at heart, but ive owned a few japanese cars, and my honda love still runs deep, but i (being a true “car guy”) love all vehicles with a decent set of testies.

the subaru brz looks the part of an agressive rwd sports car that a real person can afford. there’s alot of talk saying this car will be a miata killer or at the very least a tough competitor.

With est specs of 200hp/170ftlbs its not a ferrari (sounds so cliche’) but its design does lob it some good features.

its low, and i mean center of gravity enhanced low, its designed to be a fantastic handling coupe, and speaking of ferrari it actually is lower than the 458 italia, which come to think of it isn’t saying much as the 60k$ Cadillac cts-v wagon is faster than the 458 but still it sounds good for the brz.

another thing the brz has in its bag of tricks is a rwd(rear wheel drive) platform and a sexy overall presence, the car really does look good on the road.

on to the pictures

I mean actually with 200 hp and rwd, any civics at the stoplight should be left well off in the rear-view in case you “hardcore” street racers were interested…but seriously let see an STI badge hit the rear and a snail hit the bay, then we’re talking hella interesting.outtie –bk




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