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Porsche Panamera/ 944 turbo S

If I could own a modern day porsche it would be the panamera, the only 4 door porsche offered, and 300hp even in the base model.

specs are vast, the base is 3.6l 300hp model(73,000$) while the fastest is the turbo S which has a 4.8l 550 hp output.(173,000$)

i think they are supah fine

this is one of the sweetest cars ever, subtle yet aggressive lines give it the luxury of Queen Elizabeth but the ferocity of a kodiak grizzly.

moar picterrrs

now, if i could own a retro-ish porsche, hello 944 turbo

turbo 4 banger shoving out roughly 250 hp/ftlbs, in the eightys, um yesssss

gunmetal with orange oem's .....art

german cars are by far the best

bimmers, vw’s, porsche’s ahhh the good life

if i hit the lotto ill own a few of each…..come on powerball

outtie yo__


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